5 iOS 12 security features you should know

iOS 12 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad.

This version brings new security and privacy features that you may not have heard of yet.

For this reason we have listed below some of the new functions and how to take advantage of their advantages.

1. Enable USB Restricted Mode

This new hard-to-find feature blocks access to any accessory to your iphone like USB cables or headphones. Blocking access is made when the phone has been locked for more than 1 hour.

Thus, police and hackers can not use their means to bypass security forms and access your data.

Go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode and enter the code. Then switch to the USB Accessories option and make sure it is “Off.”

2. Make sure automatic updates are enabled

Whenever your iPhone or iPad is updated, it comes with some security updates that prevent not only malfunctioning of the phone but also data theft.

In your iOS 12 your phone is updated in the background. Visit Settings> General> Software Update and turn on automatic updates.

3. Set a more complex password

In recent years, iOS has significantly improved its passwords. In the past, four-digit codes were standard and now require six digits or letters.

But do you know that you can place a code of 8, 12 or as many digits as you want?

Visit Settings> Touch ID & Passcode and enter the password. To change, go to Change Password and from the options choose Custom Numeric Code.

4. Activate two-factor authentication

Double-factor authentication is the best way to keep an account secure. If someone steals your password they still need the phone number to log in.

With iOS 12, the feature is available on your phone. Simply visit Settings and then Password & Security. Simply activate Two-Factor Authentication and follow the instructions.

5. Change the passwords you have used in some addresses

The iOS 12 password manager has a new feature: password audit. Essentially, the app will advise you to change the passwords used several times.

Visit Settings> Passwords & Accounts> Website & App Passwords and enter the password. With each account, you will notice a symbol that recognizes the passwords used several times. With a click on the Change Password on Website button and the job is done.

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