With iOS 12 your iPhone will work faster than ever before

The good news is that with iOS 12 Apple has not left any iOS devices supported by iOS 11.

iOS 12 can be explained in one word: speed. Everything else is a footnote.

iOS 11 when it debuted last year brought a lot of new features, especially on the iPad. But it was also one of the most problematic updates.

The calculator did not work, while when writing “it” was automatically converted to “I.T”.

Even during the iOS 12 beta, the same thing is the fastest iOS version of all time.

In focus

The good news is that with iOS 12 Apple has not left any iOS devices supported by iOS 11.

In the past, Apple implemented new heavy duty tasks for the processor, graphics and RAM.

At the end of development, the operating system was simply too heavy for older models.

Therefore, even if they were to rely, they would not benefit from some of the functions because they had high hardware requirements. In some cases, battery life is affected.

This time Apple started from the bottom so any changes applied would bring benefits to new models as well.

But the company was not only banned in performance. Notifications were refined and many other features.

Android users may laugh at this fact but finally iPhone notifications will be grouped by apps.

Even the notifications are grouped according to the topic. Specifically if you receive multiple notifications from a WhatsApp group they will be categorized separately.

The Do Not Disturb function has also improved. Using 3D Touch, users can activate the function for an hour or until tomorrow morning or until the end of an activity.

In the Settings application, you can change application limits such as Messages and Phone to stay active at night.

New features

A new version of iOS means new features. Android competition requires that Apple give the most out on this front.

If you have iPhone X you can use Memoji. In the Messages application you can create your own Bitmoji style avatar.

The Photos app will have a new tab “For You,” and an improved search experience.

The Stocks app is redesigned along with Apple News. The Voice Memos app works with iCloud, which means that a registered memo will be found on Mac and iPad.

Apple Books is redesigned to look like the App Store.

Finally it was assumed that Apple would bring group conversations to FaceTime but it did not happen. The company said that only at the end of autumn you will find this feature on the phone.


iOS has grown rapidly in recent years. Initially it was a mobile operating system without support for third-party applications.

Obviously, iOS 1.0 should have been faster than iOS 12, but the chips have also increased. This combination of improved software and new hardware makes iOS 12 one of the best iOS versions.

Therefore, we have no other reason why not install this update.

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